Healing Starts with an Open Mind

Oct 19, 2023
Healing starts with an open mind

Are you sitting at home, trying to make sense of a new diagnosis? Or perhaps lying on the couch, drained, wondering how to reclaim the energy and zest in your life after dealing with your own chronic illness for weeks, months or years?


I could tell you that to truly heal, you need to focus on mending your mind, body, and soul. But sometimes just hearing such advice isn’t particularly helpful. As you don’t know where to begin.


In living with MS and now stage 4 breast cancer, I’ve realised that the gateway to profound healing is simple: be open. Or more specifically have an open mind.


Be willing to challenge how you think about and experience your illness and every aspect of your life.


Thriving with Illness Through Open-mindedness


In living with a life-changing illness, it’s common to feel stuck. Overwhelmed by the mammoth challenges ahead. At a loss as to how to rediscover your passion for life. It can be such a daunting place where life seems punctuated more by stress, anxiety, and a feeling of bleakness.


Yet, this cloud can start to lift with just one shift: openness. It's the opposite of the confining closed-mindedness, which often proves the greatest barrier to a healing mindset.



My life today would be so different if my answer had been no.


My physiotherapist suggests using a walker. Immediate response? NO.

A friend shares their positive experience with energy healing. My immediate reaction? NO.

Feeling constantly drained, someone hints at considering a new job. My innate response? NO.

Such automatic refusals, these 'NOs', would have systematically eroded the light and hope that I now have in my life. It would have blocked avenues of fresh perspectives and experiences.


You know what they say, “never say never!”



Embracing Change to Live Well with Illness


It's not about jumping on every piece of advice or trying every new method. It's not about indiscriminately saying yes.


Throughout my life, I've received countless well-intentioned suggestions. They are not all right for my journey.  But I’ve learnt to listen. To genuinely consider. Then to trust my intuition


Does it feel right for my life? Does it resonate with my beliefs? With what my body needs? Does it align with my priority of creating a life that is conducive to my overall wellbeing.


If you are struggling. If life hasn’t gone to plan. If your life is dominated by illness, and you are miserable, then why not consider making changes?


That's the essence of a healing mindset – maintaining an open mind and embracing change.


"If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it," they say. But what if it is? When our bodies and spirits signal distress, it's a sign to welcome change.



Embrace Healing's Unexpected Possibilities


Opening myself to new experiences led to unexpected growth and transformation in my life. At 25, after an extended hospital stay, I recognised the paramount importance of my health. This realisation made me bolder, leading me to make choices I'd never previously contemplated. Choosing to take a redundancy package and travel the globe wasn't just an exhilarating adventure; it marked the onset of my healing journey.


My dive into energy healing has been transformative. Not only did it instil a profound sense of inner peace, but it also introduced a newfound spiritual depth to my life. It brought a clarity and understanding that I'd never experienced before.



Your Healing Journey Awaits


I won't inundate you with endless suggestions right now. Let's simplify things.


For now, understand this:


To live vibrantly despite a life-changing illness, an open mind is crucial.

Avoid immediately dismissing ideas that push you beyond your comfort. Reflect on your established beliefs and patterns.


Without an open mind, your illness might dominate every aspect of your life, leading to feelings of being trapped, immense despair, and pessimism about the future.


I've been down that road, and I sincerely hope you never feel such profound hopelessness.


So, as we navigate the intricacies of fostering a healing mindset together, I earnestly urge you to:


Embrace openness. Have an open mind.


By daring to venture beyond what's comfortable and familiar, you'll find renewed hope and lightness in your life.



If you have an open mind to healing, you can do more than just read about it – be part of the transformation live.

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