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Hi there, I'm Teisha.


Speaker. Author. Mentor.


For over 25 years, I have been living with chronic illness—first with multiple sclerosis, and then, in 2022, a diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer.

These experiences have reinforced one crucial truth: in living with a life-changing illness, mindset is everything.

This realisation inspired me to create Hurdle2Hope®, a platform dedicated to transforming health experiences through the power of mindset.

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Living with a chronic illness?  This is your time to heal.

Discover our tailored support and free resources for your healing journey. The first step is the Healing Journey Quiz, so we know exactly how we can help you to start moving forward.


Looking for professional development for your team?

Enquire about our workshops focusing on cultivating wellbeing and resilience in healthcare practice. Click below to send an enquiry and discuss a workshop tailored to your staff's needs.


Are you looking for an inspiring keynote speaker, panelist, or podcast guest?

Teisha Rose brings a wealth of personal experience and professional insight to any event, sharing her journey and empowering audiences with her Hurdle2Hope®️ story.


Meet Teisha Rose & Hurdle2Hope®️


Teisha Rose, founder of Hurdle2Hope®, has turned her personal journey with multiple sclerosis and stage four breast cancer into a platform for empowerment.

Our mission at Hurdle2Hope® is to support those dealing with life-changing health conditions by providing actionable strategies and developing a healing mindset. We also extend our support to healthcare professionals to foster a community of resilience and wellbeing.

Discover more about our mission, Teisha’s story, and how Hurdle2Hope® can help you on your journey to strength, power, and resilience.


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