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Hi, I’m Teisha


For over 25 years I've been living with chronic illness—first, multiple sclerosis, and then, in 2022, Stage 4 breast cancer. 

As distinct as these conditions are, they have reaffirmed one truth: In living with a life-changing illness, our MINDSET IS EVERYTHING!

This realisation led me to create Hurdle2Hope. My mission?

To help you to kiss goodbye to the everyday stress, anxiety, and fear. And create a happier, healthier and more balanced life. Where you look forward with a newfound confidence, excited by the unimagined possibilities that await.

Let's start moving forward from hurdle to hope right now!  ❤️🧡💚

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Wellbeing Interrupted 

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Teisha’s extraordinary story will break your heart, inspire you, enthrall you and thrill you. Yet 'Life Interrupted' is more than a life story. 

This book will also encourage you to re-examine what is holding you back from fulfilling your own hopes and dreams. 

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