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I am here to tell you: your mindset matters! 


Hi, I’m Teisha

For over 25 years I've been living with chronic illness. First, multiple sclerosis, and then, in 2022, Stage 4 breast cancer.

Despite facing two completely different diseases, my mindset for both has been the same. Cancer has taught me that you have the power to influence your experience with chronic illness. Any chronic illness. Every step of the way.

As I’ve discovered in living with chronic illness, your mindset matters.  That is why I’ve founded Hurdle2Hope. To empower you to lead a healthier and happier life, that is no longer dominated by stress, anxiety and fear.

Our weekly blog, mindset courses, and coaching services provide valuable tools so you can live well with chronic illness.

Let's move forward together and create a future where you are no longer defined by your illness. xo


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Living with Chronic Illness is Stressful

First comes the confusion, anxiety and fear of a diagnosis. Then you are faced with new symptoms, 'scanxiety', test results, treatments, doctor appointments, and so much more.

These 4 Insider Tips were born in relation to the many challenges I've faced in living with MS. I am now using these to help deal with the stress of Stage 4 Breast Cancer. 

Are you feeling STRESSED by your ILLNESS? Look after your emotional wellbeing, your mental health, and download this Quick Reference Guide today!


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