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Hi, I'm Teisha

For 25 years I've been living with chronic illness. First multiple sclerosis. Then in 2022, straight to Stage 4 breast cancer. 

Two completely different diseases. Yet my mindset for both... the same.

Cancer has taught me that you really can have an impact on your experience with chronic illness. Any chronic illness. Every step of the way.

Hurdle2Hope will help you to develop a healing mindset. To create a healthier and happier life that is no longer dominated by the stress and anxiety of chronic illness.  

Let's start moving forward together xo

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Living with Chronic Illness is Stressful

First comes the confusion, anxiety and fear of a diagnosis. Then you are faced with new symptoms, 'scanxiety', test results, treatments, doctor appointments, and so much more.

These 4 Insider Tips were born in relation to the many challenges I've faced in living with MS. I am now using these to help deal with the stress of Stage 4 Breast Cancer. 

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Teisha’s extraordinary story will break your heart, inspire you, enthrall you and thrill you. Yet 'Life Interrupted' is more than a life story. 

This book will also encourage you to re-examine what is holding you back from fulfilling your own hopes and dreams. 

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About Teisha

BSW (social work) BA (psychology) BBus (Management)

In 1997, at age 22 years, my life changed forever. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

For years my life was dominated by my illness. Physically I was experiencing so many aggressive relapses. Hospital and rehab became a revolving door. I was frustrated by how my life had changed. 

Fortunately today I am able to apply all of the insights I've gained in living with MS to another chronic illness, Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

Although my future is unknown, I have the inner confidence that the Hurdle2Hope ® Roadmap will be my guide. Challenging how I think about and experience both illnesses, every step of the way.

I can't wait to share my story and insights with you. I want to demonstrate that when your life is interrupted by a life changing illness (or 2!) you can have an impact on your life experience. 

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