Beginning My Healing Mindset Journey

Sep 28, 2023

I've had an "aha" moment this week, all based on this one phrase.


I've heard it countless times. It's a principle I've applied to my personal life, yet I recognised a slight misalignment in my Hurdle2Hope messages.


Where thoughts go, energy flows.


Directing My Energy for Healing


This approach has been foundational in my healing journey with MS.


The person I am today? Barely resembles the woman confined, emotionally and physically, to hospital and rehab beds in my 20s. I felt hollow, uncertain of the path ahead.


Sure, I understood there would be more treatments, more medications. Followed by the gruelling rehab to walk once more.


But what came after? How could I possibly navigate life with MS post-rehab?


Feeling like a deer caught in headlights (yes, I'm in the countryside now!), I was overwhelmed by my experiences, uncertain of the steps ahead.


Image. View from my room during a recent retreat, gently reminding me of the importance of a quiet mind when living with chronic illness.


Harnessing the Power of Thought in Chronic Illness


While I focused on physical recuperation, the emotional healing, the inward journey, remained untouched. The trauma unprocessed. The life ahead, unimagined.


Little did I realise that over the past 25 years, I was subconsciously adopting what I now term a "healing mindset." It's this perspective that's guiding me as I face the reality of Stage 4 breast cancer.


Back then, I hadn’t grasped the world's energetic dimension. How I wish someone had whispered:


"Where thoughts go, energy flows."


Ponder it. The implications are profound, especially when living with chronic illness. It's why I no longer feel defined by MS. Upon waking, my thoughts aren’t on my physical limitations but on the day's potential. Through meditation and journaling, I begin each day focusing on possibilities, not hindered by MS or cancer.


But this "aha" moment? It's just the beginning. Embracing a healing mindset means so much more when living with a chronic illness.



The Hurdle2Hope Healing Mindset Journey


If I bare my soul, I’ve hesitated using the term "healing mindset." I feared misinterpretation. That someone might glance at my walker and argue about my physical state, questioning my understanding of "healing."

But understand this: healing isn't solely physical. It’s an internal journey. While I live with MS and Stage 4 breast cancer, they don't define me.


In the coming weeks, I'll delve deeper into this mindset. As I type this, my thoughts race, eager to share more.


For now, hold onto this mantra, which marked the beginning of my healing journey:


"Where thoughts go, energy flows."


Take a moment. Reflect on it, especially considering your illness.


Dare to adjust your perspective. If you’re seeking guidance, check out the on-demand masterclass which offers three mindset shifts to help you reclaim your life.



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