A Healing Mindset More Than Physical Experiences

Oct 11, 2023

Recently, I opened a window to a time when I was a vulnerable 25-year-old, confined to a bed, unable to even wriggle my toes. Paralysed, not just physically, but emotionally as well.


I often catch myself thinking, if only someone had whispered: “Where thoughts go, energy flows.” How differently I might have approached the energetic dimensions of life back then.


Throughout the years, I've found that by embracing this very idea, the notion of directing where our thoughts go, we inadvertently cultivate a healing mindset.


Now, let's explore further.


Healing is deeper than what’s visible

But understand this: Healing isn't just about what you can see or touch. It's more profound than that. Healing isn't solely physical. It’s an internal journey. Let those words sink in. Mull them over.


"Healing isn't solely physical. It’s an internal journey."


For the longest time, I equated healing with the physical. My days were dominated by notes and observations about my body living with MS. Questions like: Is my foot landing differently today? Why are my fingers feeling numb? Is my vision a little blurrier than yesterday? Am I feeling weaker today? These thoughts consumed me. And if we go by the principle "where thoughts go, energy flows", then all my energy was zeroed in on my physical state.


I used to seek validation from external sources. MRI scans, reports, and doctors' opinions. Was my MS showing activity? Are there new lesions? Will there be another relapse? Have I truly recovered?


I'm not undermining the physical aspects. Trust me, I understand it all too well. Juggling MS and stage 4 breast cancer brings its own set of daily challenges, pain, and limitations.






Here I am, post-mastectomy. Even in this moment, with a healing mindset, I focus on nurturing my emotional well-being while attending to my physical recovery.



But when I look back, I wonder, why was my perspective of healing so narrowly confined to the physical? Was it because it's tangible? Or did I subconsciously believe that the absence of lesions or cancer cells equated to complete healing?

But here's my revelation: healing isn't a checkpoint you reach. If it were, wouldn't it hinder our evolution and growth?


So, while the physical is undeniably a part of it, healing transcends beyond that.


The Internal Journey of Healing


Being diagnosed with MS, I found myself physically and emotionally paralysed. The news blindsided me, and I didn’t know how to process it.


My first real confrontation with the illness was an episode at work, my legs were non-responsive. That's when I knew I needed to find a different neurologist — someone to "fix" me. To heal me. This reactive stance was my default for the next five years: addressing my MS as something external that just needed some attention whenever it disrupted my routine.


But, in hindsight, I recognise that wasn't true healing. Yes, my symptoms might have abated for a few weeks or even months, but the real issue lay unresolved.


Over the years, my perspective evolved.


Healing, I've come to understand, is multifaceted. It transcends the physical.


When MS entered my life so young, at just 22, I mourned the thought that this disease might stifle my personal growth. But life has its ironies. Living well with MS has demanded my evolution and growth.  On reflection, I now realise that over the years I developed a healing mindset.


I've learned that focusing solely on the physical is limiting. We must turn our attention inward, prioritising our emotional well-being, our mental health, and our spirituality.



Facing challenges with a healing mindset


This image, above, has long kept me from unreservedly sharing my truth. I've often worried that you might focus on the obvious – the walker I'm using – and doubt my words about a healing mindset. "She needs support to walk, so what does she know about healing?"


By focusing solely on that detail, we might overlook the deeper story the photo conveys.


It's my healing mindset that has allowed me to be present in this moment, captured in this photo.


There's a part of me that feels compelled to justify this image. To mention how my MRI scans have shown that my MS has been inactive for over a decade. To emphasise that this walker isn't a sign of defeat but a tool that empowers me to explore our new land. 


But, I've grown beyond the need for such justifications. To me, the walker is no longer a symbol of limitation; it's a ticket to living life to the fullest. That shift in perspective? That's genuine growth.


This piece of land represents a dream realised. When diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer we knew that land in the country would create the environment for my healing – mind, body and soul.




It's fascinating how life can teach us, challenge us, and then transform us. From a vulnerable 25-year-old to the person I am today, my journey has been anything but ordinary. Each day, every experience has been a lesson, teaching me about the true essence of healing.


Physical healing is just the tip of the iceberg. True healing – the deep, meaningful, and lasting kind – demands more. It asks for resilience, for the strength to face our challenges head-on, for the wisdom to embrace growth, and for the courage to change our perspective.


In sharing my journey, I hope to inspire others to look beyond the physical. To recognise that healing is as much an emotional, mental, and spiritual journey as it is a physical one. And that, by cultivating a healing mindset, we can create the environment we need to thrive.


So, as you go forward, remember to direct your thoughts towards healing in its truest sense. Understand the physical, but don't be confined by it. Embrace the internal journey. And always, always let your energy flow towards growth, resilience, and true healing.


Embracing healing’s full spectrum


As you navigate your own journey, start thinking about healing in terms of mind, body, and spirit. Understand that it's multifaceted. Embrace both the physical aspects and the broader dimensions of emotional and spiritual healing. Always aim to direct your energy towards growth, resilience, and comprehensive wellness.


This shift signifies a new approach from Hurdle2Hope. I want us to cultivate and harness the power of a healing mindset. Let's challenge our current perceptions and experiences of illness, opening ourselves to a transformative way of navigating our lives. Until we connect again, I encourage you to reflect, evolve, and embrace the journey ahead.



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