Healing Mindset Chronic Illness

 Strength. Power.  Resilience.


Are you ready to rewrite your story? Move beyond simple coping strategies and embrace techniques to genuinely thrive.

Take an active role in your life with a significant health challenge today.  Step forward confidently into a hopeful and brighter future.


This user-friendly online course is designed by someone who's personally navigated the challenges of a life-altering illness.

It offers insights beyond the usual advice. Delve into the Hurdle2Hope¬ģ Roadmap and harness the true power of your mindset.


The Healing Mindset course is tailor-made for you if:


  • You're adjusting to a new, life-altering diagnosis.

  • You've been¬†dealing with the challenges of your condition for some time.

  • You dream of a future where you're no longer defined by your illness.¬†


This easy-to-follow course is your gateway to rediscovering purpose and hope in your life. 


Meet Teisha Rose

From Lived Experience to Mindset Mentor


From a life dominated by multiple sclerosis in my early 20s, to travelling and embracing life in Edinburgh, volunteering in Romania, transitioning from the corporate world to pursue social work, to finding love and writing my book "Life Interrupted".

Now, I confront another challenge: Stage 4 breast cancer. Yet, as the images below showcase, I continue to embrace and celebrate unimagined possibilities...


In This Self-Paced Course You Will Cover:


Module 1:

Harness your Strength

  • Tackle the stress, anxiety, and fear stemming from¬†your illness. Learn to safeguard your emotional well-being during challenging times, be it a new diagnosis, symptom flare-up, or recovery phase.
Module 2

Regain your Power

  • Reconnect with your inner strength as you address the despondence, frustration, and fatigue associated with illness. Refocus your life's priorities, and discard what no longer serves you. Invite renewed zest and experience a shift in your energy.
Module 3

Build your Resilience

  • Turn your attention inward, embarking on a self-reflective journey. Redefine how you perceive and manage your illness and life. Prioritise self-care, understanding that truly living well with your condition means investing more in yourself.
Module 4

Look forward with confidence 

  • Equipped with your personalised Hurdle2Hope¬ģ guide, rich with insider insights, envision a brighter future. Dive deep into the essence of this guide, ensuring you approach the days ahead with renewed enthusiasm,¬†clarity, and an open heart, ready to seize newfound opportunities.

Reignite Your Life: Thrive Beyond Challenges


Uncover the steps to move from merely coping with an illness to fully living again.


  • Begin a Mindset Reset: Equip yourself mentally to handle the day-to-day challenges of living with chronic illness.
  • Explore Emotional Safeguarding: Develop strategies to maintain emotional balance when faced with unexpected health interruptions.
  • Start Life Realignment: Identify and initiate changes that resonate with your values and priorities amidst the context of your illness.
  • Initiate Proactive Self-Care: Adopt practices focused on enhancing overall wellbeing, rather than reacting to symptoms.
  • Discover Reframing for Wellbeing: Learn to adjust aspects of your life to better match your health and happiness objectives.
  • Dabble in Your Wellness Toolkit: Get introduced to varied health strategies and begin your journey to broadened wellness.
  • Cultivate Your Hope: Grasp the importance of maintaining hope, embracing adaptability, and seeing yourself beyond just your illness.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Hurdle2Hope¬ģ Roadmap has been my guiding force amidst the challenges of living with two¬†significant illnesses. Through the 4 Modules, workbook activities, and Live Q&A Sessions, I believe you'll gain the essential mindset tools and insights to confidently steer your journey, regardless of the illness.

If, within 14 days of purchasing Healing¬†Mindset, you've actively engaged with the modules, completed several workbook activities, yet still feel you haven't gained meaningful insights, simply email [email protected] for a prompt refund. I encourage every participant to truly immerse themselves in the course content for the best chance at transformation.

Thrive with the Healing Mindset Course


‚ú® Yours Today for Just A$197 ‚ú®

When you enrol now you will get: 


  • Unrestricted Lifetime Access to All 4 Modules¬†Valued at A$397¬†

Delve into: Harnessing Your Strength, Regaining Your Power, Building Resilience, and Looking Forward with Confidence. Engage with the content on our user-friendly online platform, accessible via computer, iPad, mobile, and other devices.


  • Exclusive Hurdle2Hope¬ģ¬†Self-help Guide¬†Valued at A$100

Secure your digital, tailor-made Hurdle2Hope¬ģ Guide. This resource is¬†filled with activities that foster reflection and encourage actionable steps.¬†Think of it as your trusty companion, always there to guide and support you through the ups and downs of life with chronic illness.¬†


Exclusive Bonus!


  • Mindset Meetups: Live Group Q&A Sessions¬†Valued at A$200¬†

Join us for four monthly interactive Zoom meet-ups. These sessions are your chance to ask me questions about the course and its activities. It's also a unique opportunity to gain insights from others who are living with life-changing illnesses, fostering a supportive community of shared experiences.



Introducing the Hurdle2Hope¬ģ¬†Roadmap

Three steps to resilience, ending in renewed confidence.

This Roadmap is your light, shifting you from darkness to hope. 


Start Living Life Fully Today!


When you enrol in Healing Mindset, here's the exceptional value offered:
  • Lifetime Access to All 4 In-depth Modules - Worth A$397

  • Your Personalised Hurdle2Hope Self-help Guide - Valued at A$100

  • Participate in Four Live¬†Mindset Meetups - A$200 Value

  • ¬†Total value?¬† A$697.¬†


But for those who act today, secure your place for just: A$197. 



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Here's what people are saying!

There are so many lessons we can learn from Teisha's story, perhaps most importantly, that our often interrupted lives and the hurdles we face can lead us to hope and a new beginning. 

- Nicole, writer/blogger

Internally driven healing is powerful too. What you have done over the past 12 months is the highest form of evidence that your HEALTH framework does work!!! 

- Ettie, Neuro-scientist

I really want to put H.E.A.L.T.H. on my fridge to remind myself that I can use this for every day hurdles as a stress reduction tool, as well as a bigger plan to cope with my major health hurdle. 

- Sonia, living with auto-immune illnesses


Your Questions Answered

Before diving into Healing Mindset: A Life-Changing Illness, here's what others wanted to know.

Considering the Leap? Here’s Why You Should.


Living with a significant health challenge brings its share of ups and downs, moments of doubt, and countless obstacles. But armed with the right mindset, it can also be a journey of growth, hope, and empowerment.


Three Reasons This Is More Than Just a Course: 


  • Real-Life Wisdom:¬†This isn't just textbook advice. It‚Äôs rooted in 25 years of personal experiences with MS and now Stage 4 breast cancer.
  • Mentorship with Depth:¬†Draw from both lived experience and professional social work expertise. Get guidance from someone who's not only navigated chronic illness but also deeply understands its emotional intricacies.

  • Practical Tools:¬†Move from broad ideas to hands-on strategies, preparing yourself for both daily challenges and the bigger journey ahead.


You've seen what the Healing Mindset course offers. And if you're on the fence, remember: with a 14-day money-back guarantee, there’s no risk in choosing a more hopeful and resilient path. 


Dive into the Hurdle2Hope¬ģ Experience!

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Experience the Authentic Essence of "Healing Mindset" 


Step inside a course crafted by someone who has lived with MS for 25 years and is now faced with the enormous challenge of Stage 4 breast cancer.

Sure, I've got the psychology qualifications and social work experience, but it's my rollercoaster journey with chronic illness that breathes life into the Healing Mindset course.

Ever heard of my book "Life Interrupted"? It's inspired many, but this course? It's like having me right beside you, helping you tweak and tune your life in the face of your illness.

Whether you're just wrapping your head around a new diagnosis or you've been navigating this terrain for years, the Hurdle2Hope¬ģ Roadmap is here to light up your path towards hope and resilience.

I truly believe in the transformative power this course holds. And hey, there's a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Let's let the Hurdle2Hope¬ģ Roadmap be our guide in reimagining life post-diagnosis.

Invest in Yourself Today!

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