3 Ways a Life-Changing Experience Changed my Outlook

Jan 12, 2022

It was my birthday this week. 47. Eeeek!

But as I edge closer to 50, I realise that there’s no mid-life crisis for me. I had mine when I was 25.

It was the year 2000. The start of the new millennium. Three years since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. And the year of my worst relapse ever.

I had been working so hard to establish a corporate career, that I hadn’t taken time to prioritise my health and wellbeing. Sound familiar?

I thought making changes to my life signified defeat. That somehow MS had won.

However as I lay in a hospital bed for weeks. Then months in rehab learning how to walk again I kept thinking…

Is my job worth getting this sick for? Definitely not!

Navigating through dark periods in your life is awful. It’s stressful. It’s lonely. It’s frightening.

But it is these periods that can change our path in life. They help crystalise what is important. They create our own mid-life crisis.

2000 was perhaps the lowest point in my life. Yet it instigated a massive shift in my thinking. And I haven’t looked back.

3 ways this life changing experience changed my outlook

  1. Live life with no regrets. My future is still a massive unknown. But when I am well, I embrace life. That was the motivation of celebrating my recovery from this relapse, by spending 2001 living and working in Scotland. Creating new memories and experiences. 
  2. Have an open mind. I started to challenge my existing frame of reference. The ways I’d always approached my overall wellbeing. Exploring natural therapies with an open mind. But also being prepared to think about and approach my career and overall life differently. Corporate world to social work, and now my own business.
  3. Be proactive. I decided I could no longer sit and wait for the next relapse, or period of poor health. Instead I needed to be proactive in prioritising my health and wellbeing. This has led to significant life changes over the past 20 years. From inner city living to now living in a seaside town.

Has a life changing experience changed your outlook on life? A diagnosis. Hospital stay. Long periods of poor health.

These challenges are stressful. But when you look back you realise that they really can be life-changing.

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