One thing you can look forward to in 2022?

Jan 02, 2022

2022 has arrived. Are you ready for another year?

2021 has been a tough year. On top of our usual day-to-day challenges, there’s been this whole global pandemic to navigate through. The uncertainty creating even more stress and anxiety.

For me this has created uncertainty with work, particularly the travel restrictions and no longer being able to meet clients face-to-face.

Then there was the uncertainty relating to MS. At times my regular physio and osteopath appointments had to stop. These sessions are like a security blanket. Regular appointments reduce pain and keep me moving. I felt lost without them.

Are you ready for another year? 

Or are you still recovering emotionally and physically from the challenges of 2021?

Let’s not make massive New Year’s Resolutions. Instead let’s keep it simple!

What’s 'one thing' you can do in 2022 to prioritise YOU?

What will make you excited about the new year. What will lift your spirits. Energise you. Put a smile on your face. Help you shift your focus away from your own day-to-day challenges. And give you something to look forward to in 2022.

My 'one thing' is camping.

For anyone that knew me when diagnosed with MS this insight may be a little amusing.

Camping 25 years ago would have added to my stress and anxiety. Give me a day spa experience. Or a fancy hotel. Not a non-powered campsite.

Yet this year our Christmas gift to each other was camping gear. A tent that goes up in 30- seconds. Camping chairs with a lumbar support and table (OT would be happy!). Plus 5-star stretcher beds (a little extravagant and expensive but I need some comfort). And of course, two stretcher beds for our dogs (not 5 star but still comfy).

Thinking about spontaneous weekends away. Being able to connect with nature. Sitting in front of a campfire. Lying in bed reading. Meandering along rivers on the boat with Andrew fishing and me talking. A captive audience, just perfect!

We only ordered our camping gear the Sunday before Christmas. To our surprise it arrived Christmas Eve. The shift of energy was immediate. I’ve already started googling camping grounds.  

This week instead of focusing on the stress and anxiety of 2021. I am looking forward to our camping adventures.

What one thing can you look forward to in 2022?


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