My Big 'Aha' Moment

Dec 20, 2021

Moving forward from Hurdle2Hope™ is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Not really! There’s nothing easy about living with and navigating through challenges in life. I get it.

You are constantly having to pivot. Having to deal with unexpected situations. Then needing to cope emotionally with the aftermath. The realisation that life has changed. Then to somehow look after your wellbeing to make sure if another challenge comes your way… you are ready for action.

But as you start learning more about Hurdle2Hope™ you’ll see that there are 3 phases to moving forward. And at each stage you need to engage your mind and adjust your response.

In last week’s blog 'One question I often get asked is ‘How do you do it?(click link to read)  I mentioned how I’d discovered to engage my mind differently during 3 situations in my life with MS.

My big "Aha" moment was when I realised the insights I gained in each of these situations form the foundation of my Hurdle2Hope™ journey.

Situation #1 Crisis.  For me it was the MS diagnosis, countless relapses, hospital stays, rehab.  It’s really hard getting through these moments, it’s stressful.

❤️ To get through these moments of darkness I had learnt how to Harness my Strength. 

Situation #2 Emotional turmoil. This is when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and despondent. The emotions intensified when I was unable to fit MS into my existing life. Frustrated by the impact MS was having professionally, personally and socially.

🧡 To shift the negative energy and frustration I had to discover how to Regain my Power.

Situation #3 Rebuilding phase. MS was here to stay unfortunately so to live well I decided I need to make some significant life changes. Such as leaving a corporate career, travelling, then studying social work. But also to spend time looking after myself – mind, body and soul!

💚 To deal with the uncertainty now and to start looking forward with confidence I needed to turn the focus inwardly and Build my Resilience.


Harness your Strength; Regain your Power and Build your Resilience have become the foundation of the Hurdle2Hope™  journey.

Definitely not as easy as 1, 2, 3! But with this focus. Knowing that you require a different mindset in these 3 phases. Can help you to create an inner confidence in living with a health condition, disability, injury or any other challenge in life.


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