One question I struggled to answer

Dec 07, 2021

One question I often get asked is "How do you do it?"

How do you deal with the uncertainty, the fear of an unknown future, and a body that is not reliable. Yet despite all this still remain genuinely happy and content in your life. 

Over the years when asked "How do you do it?" I've struggled to provide a clear answer. 

On the surface everyone can see how much my life has changed over the years.  Starting a corporate career and then qualifying as a social worker. Moving from inner city Melbourne, to a regional town, then the beach. Plus picking up a plumber and a couple of dogs along the way!

But hidden to others was the mindset shift that was happening behind the scenes. MS was no longer dominating my every thought. I wasn’t focusing on every symptom, envisaging another hospital stay. I had a new inner confidence that I could get through the next challenge and I was no longer panicking about an unknown future.

About 10 years ago I was determined to discover where my newfound confidence had come from.

I had navigated through 3 distinct types of situations since being diagnosed with MS. And during each I realised I had adapted my mindset, used a different response to help me deal with the situation. 

  1. Crisis  Early on I felt like I was in a permanent state of crisis. The diagnosis, countless relapses, hospital stays, rehab.  Overtime I learnt how to use my mental strength to get though these moments whilst adopting strategies to protect my emotional wellbeing.
  2. Emotional turmoil when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and despondent. This often happened when I was unable to fit MS into my existing life. But gradually I learnt how to take back control by creating a life that prioritised my health and wellbeing.
  3. Rebuilding phase. I made significant career and lifestyle changes and realised that I needed to also adopt new ways of thinking about and experiencing MS and all aspects of my life. This definitely required having a growth mindset.

As I'll share in next week's blog it is realising that I have learnt to adapt my mindset to these 3 different situations that became the 3 Pillars of the Hurdle2Hope framework.

And given how many thoughts were racing through my head you can probably now appreciate why I found the question "How do you do it?" not so straightforward to answer.

But the good news is now if anyone asks I can simply say Hurdle2Hope is the reason. As the insights within this framework constantly help me to navigate the hard times, to keep my emotional and mental health in check; and look forward with confidence (and even some excitement about my future!)

I have inner confidence in living with MS as I know I can use Hurdle2Hope framework as a guide, friendly reminders and prompts, for whenever I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed in my life (not just in relation to MS).

Stayed tuned for next week as I share how I realised that the 3 situations I've discussed in this blog form the 3 pillars of the Hurdle2Hope framework. My “aha!” moment

Chat soon


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