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In this 6-week online program you will learn the Hurdle2Hope® Roadmap to create a happier, healthier, more balanced life that is no longer dominated by stress, anxiety and fear.


Hi, I'm Teisha Rose
But let's talk about you.

You're passionate about life. We're talking long lunches with your girlfriends. Watching the sunset at the beach with your dog. You've always had goals and dreams for your future personally and professionally. Climbing the corporate ladder? Please, you're taking the elevator straight to the top. Yet chronic illness has created fear and despondency that you've never had to deal with before.

Whether you've

  • Recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness. Your world has been turned upside down and your emotions are raw
  • Been living with the challenges of your illness for some time. Exhausted yet determined to discover how to live well. To get your spark back.

The good news is that you're in the right place. I'm going to share how Chronic Illness Mindset will give you the insights, inspiration and tools to support you on your very own Hurdle2Hope® journey.  

By the end of this program,

you will have…

  • Reset your mindset so you are ready for the challenges of living well with chronic illness.
  • Created a plan to protect your emotional wellbeing when faced with new symptoms, stressful news, hospital stays, rehab... there are many examples!
  • Decided what changes you need to make in your life, aligning every aspect of your life to your new priorities in living well with chronic illness.
  • Implemented your own weekly wellness plan. becoming proactive in looking after your overall wellbeing – mind, body and soul.
  • Completed your very own Hurdle2Hope® Roadmap which will enable you to look to the future with a new found confidence.

What’s Inside Chronic Illness Mindset


Module 1

Harness your Strength

  • Discover how to navigate through the moments that your chronic illness creates stress, anxiety and fear, whilst protecting your emotional wellbeing. Your diagnosis, new symptoms, scary test results, hospital stays, rehab... too many examples!
Module 2

Regain your Power

  • Feeling frustrated, despondent, exhausted by life with chronic illness. You can have an impact on your experience by setting new priorities, then releasing aspects of your life that are no longer supporting your life goals. Embrace the freedom and the shift in energy.
Module 3

Build your Resilience

  • Struggling to deal with the uncertainty chronic illness creates in your life? Time to shift your focus inwardly and embark on a journey of self discovery. Challenging how you think about and approach your illness and your life. Living well with chronic illness means spending more time on YOU!

The Hurdle2Hope® Roadmap

A sneak peak as to what this roadmap is all about...

There are so many lessons we can learn from Teisha's story, perhaps most importantly, that our often interrupted lives and the hurdles we face can lead us to hope and a new beginning.

- Nicole, writer/blogger

It's one thing to work through life's personal challenges but it's remarkable when that experience is shared so openly and honestly, in an effort to help others.

- Steve, project manager

I really want to put H.E.A.L.T.H. on my fridge to remind myself that I can use this for every day hurdles as a stress reduction tool, as well as a bigger plan to cope with my major health hurdle.

- Sonia, medical administration

Join the waitlist!

The doors to Chronic Illness Mindset are currently closed.

Enter your details below to be the first to join and receive an Early Bird discount. 

I'm really looking forward to sharing this course with you!